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Who Am I?

A life-time ago, I studied Art & Design and worked in catering, but nothing came from it and I had to get a “proper job”. Four years ago, I left my job in the criminal justice system for a life of domesticity and Cake. Now, baking is a great way of putting off the housework. Conversations in our household often include variations of: “no, darling, there isn’t a clean shirt for you to take to work, but here are some brownies instead”.

The whole purpose of a Birthday, as I see it, is to share a cake with family and friends. I love eating my Auntie’s luscious chocolate cakes and following her tradition of making shaped cakes. Perhaps because I haven’t fully grown up, I delight in creating cakes that are in the shape of something else. When baking cakes for my child, cakes for friends and cakes for friends’ children, the sight of the wide grin appearing on the recipient’s face was the greatest reward. I also enjoy the way a party of children, no matter how rowdy, will just go quiet at the sight of the cake. And how little fingers will prod the icing just to check that it really is a cake. Through word of mouth, I started to receive commissions.

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